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As a strong international community, we have been welcoming back former students, parents and staff to the school for over 60 years.

Even after you leave the school, you remain a part of the ICS family. Our strong Alumni community is spread throughout the world, and we welcome updates on all the wonderful things they have accomplished after their time at our school.




Saturday, 27 April 2024

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Alumni News
News and updates from around the world from ICS Alumni.

Tommy Leck

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news with you of the passing of one of our beloved ICS alumni, Tommy Leck.

Valerie Besanceney

We spoke with ICS alumnus Valérie Besanceney about what made her time at ISC so special. Originally Dutch, and Swiss by nationality, Valérie grew up changing schools and countries four times by the time she graduated high school. Her adventure started at ICS when she was just five years old and continued throughout her lifetime. 

Julie Cwidak

We checked in with class of 2019 ICS alumnus, Julie Cwidak, to learn about what she has been up to since graduation. During an internship in her gap year, Julie discovered a newfound love for the fascinating and fast-paced world of the food industry. Now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in food technology, Julie explains why it is so important to forge your own unique path forward for your future. 

Our 2023 Graduation

I take this opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion in the lives of our graduates and their families. To the Graduating Class of 2023, thank you. For the gift of your character, for your resolve, and for the contribution you have made to our school.


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