Clubs/Camps/Extra-Curricular Activities

Clubs/Camps/Extra-Curricular Activities

At ICS we believe every student can be fully involved in the activities of the school and grow through this engagement with their community.

Through our clubs, camps and after school activities, students explore new interests and form strong bonds with classmates. These activities support academic performance by developing skills in time management, organization, and responsibility. 

Primary Clubs

Lunchtime and After School Clubs provide fantastic opportunities for students to extend their learning and pursue their passions.

Art & Painting Club

Children learn numerous painting techniques using a range of materials. They paint a variety of subjects including nature, animals, flowers, people and objects.

The Sound Playground Club

The Sound Playground offers a step-by-step learning musical programme with a firm foundation in the voice. Children familiarise themselves with a variety of musical genres. 

After School Activities

Through after school activities, students explore new interests and form strong bonds with classmates.

Kitchen Fun: Healthy Cooking & Baking

Children discover new foods and develop their cooking skills as they learn how to make healthy snacks and no-bake goods such as cocoa energy balls. 

ICS Talks and The Competent Communicator

Tailored for IB students, this course provides participants a valuable toolkit of skills to use when composing and delivering a speech. 

ICS Camps

ICS offers camps for children aged 3-18 during the summer, autumn, winter and spring holiday breaks.

Digital Skills Camp

TechSpark Academy offers courses in Code in Python, Photography & Film, Hacker Mode: Cyber Security and Animation & Game Design.

Football Camp

InterSoccer offers fun football courses for boys and girls of all abilities from 3 to 12 years of age. 

Spring Break Activities 

Additional activities are offered during the Spring break to support our students' interests and develop their creative thinking, flexibility, agility and self-reflection skills. 


Summer Camps

Differently themed Summer Camps are offered on campus in June and July for children from 3-12 years of age providing our younger “Tiny Tigers” and older “Tiger Tamers” with a wide range of activities and summer-fun experiences.

Tennis Camp

Comprehensive group tennis lessons are taught for students of all ages and abilities. Taught by professional tennis coaches, it provides analysis of technique and development of skills. 

Theatre Camps 

Close Encounters Theatre workshops are ensemble based, dynamic and fun! Courses offered are:

  • Theatre Games and Storytelling
  • Improvisation & Physical Comedy - Summer School 
  • Contemporary Dance Workshops

Autumn Holiday Camps

Camps are offered by ICS, TechSpark Academy, InterSoccer and Stork International Tennis Academy on campus in October.

ICS Discovery Camp

The ICS Discovery Camp offers children ample opportunities to play, learn new games, take part in drama activities, sing songs, and explore their world while participating in supervised indoor and outdoor activities. Explorations and adventures in the nearby forest include science and environmental studies. 

Digital Camp

Web Development: Students are introduced to web development using HTML and CSS to build a webpage, photo gallery and their own version of Instagram.

Animations & Game Development: 
Students create interactive games and animations and learn to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically.

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