Community Life

Welcoming Community

We offer numerous programmes to help families transition to their new community. And a vibrant Parents' Association welcomes everyone into its strong social network.

two students wearing house t-shirts, international school

Life at ICS extends far beyond the classroom and involves a strong community spirit. Older and younger students work closely together in many situations, creating a positive and friendly learning environment. A wealth of extra-curricular clubs and activities give students more ways to engage with their peers. The prestigious Round Square organisation teaches the ideals of global citizenship. And “ICS Houses” inject spirit and friendly competition into the day.

Firmly embedded in the ICS Culture of Care, each and every one of our Ambassadors realises how important it is that new students receive a warm welcome as they take their first steps around the ICS campus. Our student Ambassadors offer new classmates support, advice and direction and they are instrumental in making new students feel like they belong to ICS.
Mrs Campbell, Head of School

Our parent community is heavily involved in everyday life of ICS through our parent volunteer programme. Plus, parents benefit from a strong Parents’ Association which provides support and a social network for our international families.

Featured News

Happy New Year!

A warm welcome back from winter break. Did you know January is named after Janus, the ancient Roman god of doors and archways, symbolizing beginnings and transitions? He is usually depicted with two heads facing opposite directions - one head gazing at the past and the other at the future.

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Kat's got their Tongue

It is said that Poetry is the centrepiece of oral tradition, and that writing poetry promotes literacy, academic success, and greater social progress. In a workshop to encourage independent writing, students were able to explore and share ideas.

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ICS Career Fair

At the ICS Career Fair on 3 December, a myriad of area business and university professionals will share hands-on experiences with Grade 10 students in highly engaging and interactive events. 

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Innovative and Inspirational

Throughout the school year at ICS, students are provided with the opportunity to take on leadership roles inside and outside the classrooms.

I was inspired to be involved in this project not only to grow personally, but also to have global connections that I can keep forever. This project is also an incredibly valuable experience for group work skills that I will use in my future.
Julie C, Grade 11 student, Colour Run Organiser