Community Life

Welcoming Community

We offer numerous programmes to help families transition to their new community. And a vibrant Parents' Association welcomes everyone into its strong social network.


two students wearing house t-shirts, international school

Life at ICS extends far beyond the classroom and involves a strong community spirit. Older and younger students work closely together in many situations, creating a positive and friendly learning environment. A wealth of extra-curricular clubs and activities give students more ways to engage with their peers. The prestigious Round Square organisation teaches the ideals of global citizenship. 


When one begins their journey within the ICS community, there is a shared understanding of the path walked to arrive in this beautiful corner of the world. Our students are our ambassadors, their kindness and their care, are hallmarks of the uniqueness of the culture that is ICS, made strong and purposeful by the outstanding teachers at the School.
Ms Lucy Gowdie, Head of School

Our parent community is heavily involved in everyday life of ICS through our parent volunteer programme. Plus, parents benefit from a strong Parents’ Association which provides support and a social network for our international families.


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Innovative and Inspirational

Throughout the school year at ICS, students are provided with the opportunity to take on leadership roles inside and outside the classrooms.

I was inspired to be involved in this project not only to grow personally, but also to have global connections that I can keep forever. This project is also an incredibly valuable experience for group work skills that I will use in my future.
Julie C, Grade 11 student, Colour Run Organiser