Visual Arts

A Transdisciplinary Approach

Teaching and learning is organised across all disciplines to offer learners an authentic and relevant approach and that makes learning meaningful.

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I love to use different materials in my art such as water colours and acrylic. But especially I love oil painting. For the Diploma, I look at Nepal’s culture and try to express that. I want to learn more about how to communicate through visual art.
Tsewang L, Grade 12 student

Primary Years Programme

In Primary Visual Arts we build on an integrated and transdisciplinary approach where Visual Art can be used as a pathway to learning. Students are beginning to construct and demonstrate conceptual understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject to meet the evolving learning objectives. Students discover ideas by experimenting with media techniques and processes through independent and collaborative artworks.

Middle Years Programme

In MYP Visual Art we explore many different ways of making art at the same time as encouraging students to express themselves using their imagination and skills. Some of the topics that we investigate include; portraiture, figurative sculpture, perspective, Vanitas and still life and abstract expressionism. The processes and techniques that we teach include; drawing, painting, printmaking, clay work, mixed media sculpting, digital art and photography.

We also promote a lifelong engagement with the arts by visiting art galleries and museums and learning about important movements in art history as well as investigating contemporary art.

Diploma Studies Programme

During the two year IB Visual Art diploma course students have an excellent opportunity to create individual art that leads to a final cohesive art exhibition at the end of their second year. Students are encouraged to work independently to achieve their creative goals at the same time as being guided through the three parts of the course; Part One- Comparative Study, Part Two- Process Portfolio and Part Three- Exhibition.

Arts at ICS

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I like art because I can create and show others what I can do. For example, I can make my own mask and collect ideas for my mask from others.
Linus T, Grade 3 student
My theme throughout this year has been the empowerment of women. I see art as a way of empowering women to be who they are, to show their individuality and to help them make a change. I hope to inspire women throughout my art.
Florence F. Grade 12 student