ICS Soloists and Ensembles Perform in The Hague

ICS Soloists and Ensembles Perform in The Hague

 "The best thing about the festival was hearing others sing.  I love to hear other voices"-ICS Grade 6 student, Helena H.

Eighteen ICS students, from Grades 6-10, recently attended the AMIS Solo & Ensemble Festival, which was hosted by The American School of The Hague, The Netherlands.

ICS Soloists and Ensembles Perform

ICS students performed with the ‘ICS Stage Band’ and ‘ICS Stage Choir. Some students presented vocal solos, while others brought their solo instrumental talents to the festival as well. “I enjoyed playing.  It is my favourite thing to do.  I love playing with mates, making great music,” said Grade 10 student Jacob F.

All the participants benefited from valuable feedback given by a specialist judge and enjoyed the opportunity to attend masterclasses.  “I enjoyed listening to the comments the judges gave to the other performers.  I found them very helpful, and they really improved and prepared me for my own performance” said Elsa S, Grade 8. Grade 10 student, Soraya B, added, “The best thing about the festival was participating and being able to see everyone else’s performances and learning from them.  I also enjoyed the masterclass.”

The day concluded with a concert featuring selected student performers and prizes were given to celebrate the students who took part in the event. In addition to participating in the festival, ICS students also enjoyed a cultural excursion to the historic town of Leiden.

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