Our IB Diploma Visual Artists Share their Creativity

Our IB Diploma Visual Artists Share their Creativity

At a Vernissage on Wednesday evening 27 March, IB Diploma Visual Art students presented their work to the ICS community.

This year’s IB Diploma Visual Art Exhibition in the DSC Basement Gallery featured the work of 12 young student artists who have studied Visual Art at diploma level at ICS for the past two years. The exhibition, which is open to visitors during school hours from Monday 25 through Friday 29 March, highlights the student artists’ use of a wide range of media and materials and testifies to their exceptional design sense.

A mannequin installation representing the unrealistic perception of body image in today’s world asks the question “Am I perfect yet?”

“100 Years” echoes the Suffragette Movement. It features demonstration placards and a large banner with portraits of the British suffragette Emmeline Parkhurst in the colours of green representing hope, and purple for loyalty and dignity.

In “Drowning in Plastic”, the artist’s work relates to a root cause of climate change: pollution. The artist says, “I sought to convey the rapidity and severity at which we are polluting this planet through the use of stop-motion video… just because humans don’t experience the effects first-hand, does not mean we can disregard them as a whole.”

The IB Programme encourages students to test the boundaries of their creativity and cultural awareness. In addition to developing art skills, students demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of art throughout history and across cultures. The Visual Art Exhibition mirrors the student artists’ personal and creative responses to individual thematic enquiries and affords visitors insight into the inventive interpretations of a variety of topics, chosen by the students, which have a significant influence on our lives today.

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