The Arts are Alive! at ICS

The Arts are Alive! at ICS

An enthusiastic audience of family, friends and teachers came out to support ICS performers at the ArtsAlive! concert which took place on Friday 3 February.

The Arts are Alive! at ICS

ArtsAlive! are a series of small, informal concerts that provide our students with a platform for gaining valuable performing experience. Open to both Primary and Secondary students, the concerts showcase the diverse Performing Arts interests, talents and involvement of ICS students and feature debut performances as well as programmes from more experienced student musicians, dancers and thespians.

Last week's concert included solo performances by two Primary students who take piano lessons from one of our Grade 11s, and coursework portfolio performances by four Grade 11 and 12 IB Diploma Music students. Solo vocal and piano pieces by Grade 7, 8 and 9 students were also part of the programme.

The audience was treated to two ensemble performances: a piano/vocal/dance performance of 'All of You' by John Legend presented by a trio of G8 girls, and two G11 boys performed the recently-released Ed Sheeran song 'Shape of You'.

In their debuts, the 'ICS Strings' - three G7 students - performed a Baroque piece by French composer Couperin, and the 'Drama Club' - eight G6 students directed by IB DP Theatre students - performed a piece that explored how character can be expressed through voice, gesture, costume and action.

Grade 8 trio member Lisa Z. reflected on her ArtsAlive! experience, saying: "It felt great to work together as a team. We learned things from one another and knew how to communicate better!"

ICS students' passion for the Performing Arts is also evident behind the scenes at ArtsAlive! with our Student Performing Arts Krew (S.P.A.R.K.) running the lighting, microphones and backing music, and acting as stagehands.

We look forward to seeing everyone at one of our upcoming Performing Arts events and would like to let you know that recordings from ArtsAlive! will soon be available on our 'ICS Records' Sound Cloud.

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