Find Your Artistic Voice

The ICS Arts programme enables students to express their unique view of the world. They learn to connect with the world and others in new, insightful and empathetic ways.

music student performing in a music concert, international school

ICS offers a comprehensive Arts Programme across the Primary and Secondary Schools, providing rich opportunities for the artistic, intellectual and academic development of our students. The ICS difference is found in the integration of the Arts with other academic areas and in the rigorous disciplinary studies found in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme.

Recent studies have demonstrated the social and emotional benefits in studying the Arts across all areas of learning. It has been found that students who frequently and actively engaged with the Arts in schools - as makers and doers of the Arts - tended to be more academically engaged and more motivated in school subjects.

When asked to name some of the things she remembers about ICS, Georgina has fond memories. She credits ICS with developing her sense of solidarity and team spirit, with fostering her interests in sports and arts, and with helping her to step out into the world beyond "with openness and tolerance that I often miss these days."
Interview with Georgina C, Class of 2000, Art Curator

Performing Arts and Visual Arts

At ICS we understand and value the importance of the Arts in both a student’s academic and personal life. Students being creative, expressing themselves, communicating with others, collaborating, and solving problems is a key component of the International Baccalaureate Programme. From our preschool programme through to Grade 12, Music, Drama, Performing Arts and Visual Arts play a significant role in the academic curriculum.

Extra-curricular Programme

Additionally, our rich extra-curricular programme in Arts allows students to explore these disciplines further. Our students produce exciting theatre, perform in engaging musical concerts, and create innovative art across a spectrum of media. These Performing and Visual Arts programmes are sure to captivate your children whatever their artistic passions may be.

Primary School

In the school’s Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Arts are forms of expression that promote imagination, creativity and original thinking. They are also a means to discover and understand the world, and to communicate, and share, ideas. In the Primary School, the Arts are also ways of exploring other cultures and developing cross-cultural understanding, an important element of the ICS vision to provide a supportive and enabling learning environment in the school.

Secondary School

The Arts in the Secondary School provide continuity from the Primary School. Students explore the Arts as a means of both self-expression and, importantly, the expression of ideas. They continue to develop their understanding of diverse cultural traditions and the function of Arts in their own communities. Teamwork and collaboration also continue to be important points of focus and the risk-taking aspect of the Arts is enhanced through greater opportunities to performances for the school community.

Unleash your child's artistic voice

Arts at ICS

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I like art because I can create and show others what I can do. For example, I can make my own mask and collect ideas for my mask from others.
Linus T, Grade 3 student
My theme throughout this year has been the empowerment of women. I see art as a way of empowering women to be who they are, to show their individuality and to help them make a change. I hope to inspire women throughout my art.
Florence F. Grade 12 student