Student Graduation

Student Graduation

We congratulate our graduates as they step out into the world and travel to new, challenging horizons. The ICS community will follow their journeys with pride as they make a positive impact on their future communities and societies.

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University Pathway

At ICS we are proud of our reputation as an inclusive school that encourages all students to undertake the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. The IB Diploma is both recognized and highly regarded by top universities around the globe. Admissions officers know that an IB education develops inquiring, open-minded thinkers who tend to complete their undergraduate degrees at higher rates than their peers. (See the University Admissions Officers Report 2016) IB students also have a reputation for engaging in community service, research, study abroad, and other extra-curricular activities – all qualities that rank high on university applications.

I would like to thank all the friends and teachers I've met here that have made my experience at ICS a great and happy one.
Ehita O, ICS Class of 2016

ICS students currently represent over 50 nationalities. For globally mobile communities of international schools like ours, meeting the challenges of globalization requires a flexible and comprehensive education that prepares students to realise their full potential. The ICS Diploma Programme challenges students to think independently, accept personal responsibility and engage with the community. By acquiring and exercising leadership skills through a variety of service learning opportunities, students leave school equipped with the personal skills they need to persevere, successfully manage their study time and complete tasks. While the IB Diploma is a global programme, the ICS difference comes from our school’s commitment to developing the whole child within our culture of learning, high expectations and care.

ICS students regularly receive offers from many prestigious institutions both from around the world and from Switzerland’s highly selective universities. In 2019, 20% of our IB candidates achieved a score of 40 points or higher, which is quite an achievement for a wholly inclusive school. In addition, 41% of ICS students were awarded the IB Bilingual Diploma. Our mean IB exam score is steady at 35 points, with 98% of our students earning the IB Diploma. These are all rates substantially higher than international averages.

ICS Secondary Graduation Diploma

Independent of the IB Diploma, we also award graduating seniors the ICS High School Diploma. This diploma carries with it the full prestige and reputation of the school and opens doors at universities around the world. The breadth and the depth of students’ studies will ensure they are prepared for both rigorous higher education programmes as well as the challenges of a quickly changing job market.

The ICS school year begins in August and ends in June

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