Directions to ICS by Public Transportation

Directions to ICS by Public Transportation

Start by visiting the Zurich public transportation website (this link is to the English version).

1. For the school’s location, type 8126 Zumikon, Strubenacher 3. Also enter your location and the date and time of travel.

2. The site will give you a detailed route description. Cost from Zurich is CHF 13.60 roundtrip per adult. Tickets for ages 6–16 cost 6.80 roundtrip per child. Accompanied children under the age of 6 travel free.

3. Most routes will direct you via the Stadelhofen stop, where you will ride the Forchbahn S18 tram to the Waltikon stop near the school.

4. Some Forchbahn trams do not stop at Waltikon. The translated timetable below shows how to understand which ones do. The ones that DO stop at Waltikon leave Stadelhofen at 03, 18, 33 and 48 past the hour. They are also marked with the words “via Zumikon”.

5. From the Waltikon stop it takes 3 minutes to walk to the Diploma Studies Centre and another 3 minutes to walk to the Main Campus.

6. If you have any difficulties, please contact us at + 41 044 919 8300. We would be happy to meet you at the Waltikon stop and escort you to campus.

The timetable and maps below may be of help.