School Year Calendar & Key Dates

School Year Calendar

At the Inter-Community School Zurich, our school year begins in August and ends the following June.

primary school students at the clock and watch museum zurich, international school

ICS School Year Calendars

You can print, download or view the ICS School Year Calendars here:

Did you see that? The magician clock made those little pieces disappear! Where are they now? Where did they go?
EY2 student, Field Trip to the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum in Zurich

Key Dates

We know that the choice of school can be one of the most important - and therefore one of the most stressful - aspects of an international move.

The choice of school often influences the choice of housing, so we understand families' desire for an early confirmation of a place at ICS. When families visit the school, they often ask us about the likelihood of admission.

We try to give an indication, but this is an informal and non-binding estimate only based on our experience. We can only guarantee a place at ICS once a formal offer has been made, and accepted, in writing.

If you want to apply for place/s at ICS, we encourage you to send in your application as soon as possible. Here is information about our timeline for processing applications.

In February

By 28 February, we ask our present ICS families to tell us if they are returning in the following school year. Before this date we may have limited information about the availability of places for the following year. After 28 February, we know more about how many places we can likely offer.

In March

In March, we process applications from our corporate partners. We have an arrangement with these companies to prioritise applications for places for their employees' children.

In April

From April, we begin to process all applications. We give priority to the following applicants:

  • applicants with parent/s employed by one of our corporate partners
  • applicants with a sibling already at ICS
  • applicants with parent/s who formerly went to ICS
  • applicants who are non-Swiss nationals
  • applicants for whom the alternative of a Swiss school is unrealistic. (For example someone having already attended English-speaking schools.)
  • applicants entering in September and committing to remain for at least one academic year
  • applicants with the earliest application date

Until August

From April to August we continue processing applications as they arrive. Applications from corporate partners receive priority, but no places are reserved for them.

Our school year begins in August so where possible, we encourage new students to start then. However, we do admit new students (when we have places available) at other times of the school year.

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Our school year begins
in August and ends
the following June


Wednesday 15 August 2018 to Thursday 20 June 2019


Wednesday 21 August 2019 to Wednesday 24 June 2020