Visiting Universities Virtually in 2020

ICS Grade 10 – 12 students are now receiving weekly updates from our University Counsellor which enable them to visit universities virtually.

Visiting Universities Virtually in 2020Several years before our students graduate from ICS they are encouraged to think about and set goals for their continuing education. The rigorous academics and the comprehensive university counselling programme provided by ICS open the doors to institutions of higher learning the world over.

In these unique times, universities and colleges around the globe have started offering virtual visits to high school students interested in learning more about the universities’ programmes and courses of study. As a result, every Friday our University Counsellor regularly posts information and reminders for ICS Grade 10, 11 and 12 students and their parents about virtual university visit offerings.

By following the links provided in the ICS Student Information system (ManageBac), our students and their families can coordinate the timings of their virtual visits to colleges and universities, arrange to speak to admissions staff or learn about more about specific courses that interest them.

Though visiting universities virtually is very different from actually setting foot on a university campus, ICS students now have the advantage of being able to contact a wider range of universities they are interested in but might normally not have been able to visit.

The weekly virtual visit information our University Counsellor provides is colour-coded, separating U.K., other European or American universities’’ virtual sessions for easier access, and also provides additional links to U.K. universities’ subject specific virtual sessions.

ICS continues its commitment to helping our students find the university that best fits their individual needs and goals. By assisting them in this very important task, our University Counselling service provides important information, advice and guidance to students who are preparing their university applications.

In addition, the interactive ICS University Handbook for ICS Grade 9-12 students provides information about choosing the right courses or about the exams specific university admissions departments require. It is an excellent reference for students thinking about their future studies and helps make the task of choosing, applying for and being accepted at university an exciting and rewarding process.

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