Upcycling with the Round Square Action Group - ICS Thrift

Sustainability has become the most buzzed-about and important topic in business in recent years. A group of ICS students have collaborated in conceptualising new, forward-thinking projects in a display of ecological integrity. 

Upcycling with the Round Square Action Group - ICS ThriftICS is proud to be a part of the prestigious Round Square programme – we are the only Round Square School in Zurich – in which a commitment to character education and experiential learning is key. The Round Square IDEALS (eg Leadership, Environmentalism, Service) have stood the test of time, and are underpinned by 12 Discoveries that students explore on their learning journey. These include inventiveness, team-working skills, ability to solve problems, and commitment to sustainability.

As young people are realising the impact they have on the planet every day, many are seeking innovative ways to reduce environmental damage. Taking a proactive stance, our Grade 9 Round Square "upcycling team" are in the process of implementing a new activity in hopes of making positive change. Known as ICS THRIFT, or a virtual thrift store for clothes, the project helps raise awareness of the disadvantages of the fast fashion industry whilst raising funds. 

Highlighting a more sustainable approach that clothing items in good condition should remain in circulation, not just thrown in the waste. Consequently, material goods are given a new life or second chance. And most importantly, excess waste does not end up in landfills, the air, and water. Funds raised are to go to Fashion Revolution, an organisation that aims to combat the unsustainable fast fashion movement. Any unsold garments are to be donated to local charities.

Many folks are taking advantage of the upcycling trend, and you can, too. The team is currently seeking donations of unwanted clothing items that are clean and in good condition - contact vittorias@icsz.ch.

Follow the activity on Instagram @ICS.Thrift  

Thanks for your support. 

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