Today is the Day! ICS Launches Learning@Home

Providing continuity for our Primary and Secondary students’ learning, today ICS proactively transitioned to the Learning@Home platform.

Today is the Day! ICS Launches Learning@HomeAs the COVID 19 situation continues to develop globally, ICS remains focused on our community’s safety and well-being. Effective today 18 March, we have transitioned to our Learning@Home programme, thereby moving the delivery of our students’ learning to a different format.

ICS teachers are well-prepared with the learning tools and resources required to support Primary and Secondary students throughout the coming weeks. They are working closely with students in online learning, ensuring that students have ample opportunities to interact and connect with their classmates and teaching staff on a daily basis. 

Learning continues at ICS aided by all the responsive and collaborative online technologies already familiar to our students. In addition, parents and students have been receiving regular updates and important information about the Learning@Home programme from our Primary and Secondary principals. 

Learning@Home is designed to be a positive experience as students engage in authentic learning activities which are different from their accustomed ICS classroom learning, but which present new opportunities for our students to learn independently.

As we continue to move forward and share the new ICS Learning@Home experience with our Primary and Secondary students and their families, we are grateful for the continued support, feedback and cooperation the ICS community has demonstrated. 

Please see this week’s Bulletin for more information about Learning@Home. Should you have questions or need any further assistance, we ask you to contact us at

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