'Tis the Season

The sky is grey and the days are getting shorter, but it's not too cool for school, as we at ICS are preparing for the merriest time of year.

'Tis the SeasonStudying for exams, completing assignments and projects - these are all part of our school routine - at the same time, students' creativity is in a flurry. The pandemic has altered plans somewhat, and yet the Performing Arts Department has been following protocols so that students are able to participate in the many creative and artistic endeavours taking place currently.

For example, ICS Kindergarteners were able to practise their German while studying the Swiss tradition known as Räbeliechtli. Dating to the Middle Ages, this time-honoured custom in which youngsters carve turnips into lanterns, is accentuated by a candle-lit walk - an ideal activity during Waldkinder learning time. Circled around the campfire in the nearby forest, our students are transported from indoor learning spaces to outdoor learning spaces. The children sing Laternenlieder and practise their German vocabulary whilst admiring the display of intricately cut, illuminated turnips.

Come support our ICS singers, featuring Primary Grade students, who will be regaling the city of Zurich on 1 December at the Singing Christmas Tree. Situated near the Zurich HB - a vertical podium in the shape of a gigantic Christmas tree - it's an ideal occasion to enjoy our carollers spreading holiday cheer.

Samichlaus, or the local St Nicholas' Day tradition on 6 December, will be of special focus in the Preschool and Primary School German studies programmes. The children will be learning and reciting traditional verses and poems, while special guests pop by and savour customary treats.

Although virtual this year, at the annual Winter Festival on 7 December, one can expect theatre, dance, and music performances. The students have been practicing feverishly, and live performances for classmates and personnel only will include a taping for our community to view online. More details to follow.

Additionally, the Tennessee Williams stage play "Steel Magnolias" will be performed for an on-campus only core group (due to COVID-19 restrictions). Slated for 3 and 4 December, the comedy-drama includes an ensemble cast of students from Grade 9 and Grade 11.

There's more seasonal cheer to be found at in-person events such as the PA-organised Winter Market on 30 November in Zumikon. Proceeds from goodies sold at their Bake Sale benefit the scholarship programme. Please visit the group's Facebook page for further details.

Season's Greetings!


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