Summertime, and MYP Reading is Easy!

This summer, ICS Middle Years Programme students will be completing a series of creative and thought-provoking tasks connected to their MYP Summer Reading Programme 2020.

Summertime, and MYP Reading is Easy!Summer reading for our Middle School students (Grades 6-9) involves reading both required and recommended books. According to their Grade, MYP Students have been assigned a book as required reading and asked to complete a list of 9 tasks, which include answering book-specific questions as well as creating a visually attractive reading response poster on A3 paper using colour, images, sketches and written text.

The students’ posters will include their responses to nine separate tasks connected their required reading book. For example, they will be thinking about meaningful quotes from the books, looking at the importance of minor characters in the stories they are reading, or sketching the setting of the book and integrating their drawings into their posters.

MYP Students are also asked to fulfil an additional reading requirement by choosing a book from the wide assortment listed for them on the Secondary Library website. When school resumes in August, MYP students will be asked to being their required reading book and their posters to their first English class of the 2020-2021 school year.

Whether our students delight in primeval stories of Norse Mythology, learn about dyslexia in Fish in a Tree, or consider the personal and global health implications their food choices have as described in The Omnivore’s Dilemma, one thing is certain: a summer of great reading lies ahead!

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