Saying "Hello" to the Friendship Bench
ICS Students were welcomed back to school today with a new addition to the Primary playground.

Friendship bench at ICS

Featuring the ICS mascot, Timmy Tiger, a brightly painted orange and black Friendship Bench greeted Primary students as they came outside to enjoy recess this morning.

The idea for creating a Friendship Bench came from ICS Primary Student Ambassadors at the end of last year. They wanted to provide newly arrived students with a "meeting place" where they could sit to connect with new friends. It's also a great spot for students to gather and have a good chat.

The Friendship Bench is now a permanent fixture on the Primary playground, "officially initiated" this morning by members of the Primary Student Council, Primary playground Peace Supporters, classmates and teachers.

Judging by the reactions and comments heard during recess this morning, everyone seems to be very pleased with the Friendship Bench and will hopefully be making good use of it as the school year continues.

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