Peace Day Doves Take Flight at ICS

Celebrating the International Day of Peace, ICS Primary and Middle Schools students have folded hundreds of original origami doves, "peace by peace".

Peace Day Doves Take Flight at ICSRallying around the theme of peace and sharing their thoughts on ways in which conflicts can be resolved without resorting to violence, our Primary and Middle School students were asked to think about actions they could take to be more peaceful, as well as how they could work towards local and global peace throughout the year and not for just one day.

In addition, over the past few days students have been folding origami peace doves and participating in conversations about peace. Of course, students could keep a dove they made, but they were also asked to donate one or more of their paper doves to be used in an ICS Peace Day display, designed by two, very well-established Peace Day artists, Grade 12 students Malti & Maria. The boxes set up outside the Primary Library to collect the students' contributions filled quickly with hundreds of the unique and colourful paper doves.

Along the wall next to the entrance to the Primary Library, Maria and Malti are currently constructing a large and delicately ornate hanging Peace Symbol, made entirely of the colourful origami doves.

ICS teachers, students and staff are invited to come to and enjoy the girls' imaginative and beautiful creation and perhaps to ponder the question: If the world celebrates Peace Day together, why can't we have peace all the time?

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