LET'S TWIST AGAIN! ICS Celebrates Our Throwback to the 60s!

Dancing to the music that was popular in the 1960s, ICS students brought the Twist and a colourful array of sixties-fashion to our campus!

LET'S TWIST AGAIN! ICS Celebrates Our Throwback to the 60s!On Friday 18 September students and staff went all out, letting their hair down and participating in an enormously successful “Throwback to the 60s” on campus celebration of the September 1960 founding of ICS.

The ICS Main campus and the outdoor areas surrounding the DSC came alive with the sounds of a 60s music revival, accompanied by plenty of 2020 laughter! A joyous panorama of colourful and imaginatively-dressed Primary and Secondary students danced to the music of the era as a DJ worked his 60s musical magic during break and lunch times at the Main Campus, DSC venues and the sports field. 

Photo booths with colourful 60s backdrop banners were positioned around the campus and students and teachers were encouraged to step up and have their pictures taken. Amazingly, the majority of our Primary classes, Grade 1 through 5, had 100% of the students dressed up in imaginative and inventive 60s attire!

In the afternoon, a fun-filled day of school-wide celebrations came to a sweet and tasty perfect ending, as students were treated to delicious, individually wrapped carrot cake portions which teachers distributed to them from numerous “cake-stations” around the campus.

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