Learning@Home proves that at ICS, Learning Happens Everywhere

Maintaining a daily routine, completing relevant learning tasks, and looking after one's own well-being are all part of our Secondary students' Learning@Home experience.

Learning@Home proves that at ICS A daily timetable is certainly something ICS Secondary students are accustomed to maintaining when regular classes are in session. Now that Learning@Home is firmly in place, students often complete activities for each of their subjects at the same time of the week as they would normally have the lesson.

Teachers have short lesson summaries prepared for students at the start of the day which may include a link to another place where activities are stored or contain written instructions. Teachers may also contact students one-to-one by using the students' ICS email accounts. It is important to note that students are deliberately not expected to use a computer for all the tasks and activities that have been set by their teachers. 

Meeting the deadlines teachers have set for them, and always respecting the ICS academic honesty policy, students are asked to do their best to complete and submit their learning tasks, which are then checked by their teachers. Teachers provide feedback on students' learning through comments and notes left on the various online spaces where the students are working, such as ManageBac, Google Docs or Google Classroom. 

For tech-related questions, students can email the ICS Secondary digital coaches to ask for assistance. As always, students also have access to online books and research resources on the library website and can also email the Secondary library team at any time if they require specific information.

In addition to completing Learning@Home tasks and assignments, students are strongly encouraged to look after their own well-being and should reward themselves after spending a good portion of their day with their studies. By switching their attention from active learning to a period of rest and relaxation, students can reflect on things that have gone well and try to let go of the day's problems. PHE teachers have recommended exercises for students during PHE lessons, but students may also use these exercises at different times of the day to stay physically active throughout the week. 

During these challenging times, it is important for students to remember that support from ICS Secondary counsellors is available to them if they are feeling stressed or worried. They are encouraged to reach out at any time to counsellors or tutors who are ready to help. Students have also been asked to consider how they might help or support parents and classmates. 

As both our Secondary and Primary students move forward with their daily learning, communicating, collaborating and reflecting during these challenging times, we say a sincere "well done" to them for their enthusiasm and engagement and wish them continued success with Learning@Home. 

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