It's so good to be back! ICS transitions to Learning@Campus

Maintaining appropriate social distancing and health and safety regulations, ICS students and teachers were clearly delighted to return to their “redesigned” classrooms on 12 May.

It's so good to be back! ICS transitions to Learning@CampusFollowing the recommendations of the Zurich Department of Education and the Federal Office of Public Health, and in line with the Swiss Federal Council’s decision to permit compulsory schools from Early Years to Grade 9 to open as of Monday, ICS began the step-by-step transition from our Learning@Home programme to Learning@Campus.

ICS Learning@Campus is a staggered re-entry transition for our Primary and Secondary students. As ICS continues to manage this unprecedented situation with the necessary caution, we are committed to implementing health and safety protocols that safeguard the well-being of our entire community. In accommodating the diverse needs of our families, we are welcoming students to classes on campus this week and also continuing to provide Learning@Home for students who have opted to remain at home for the time being.

Until 20 May, ICS Preschool and Primary students are on a special transition schedule, enabling them to become familiar with the new well-being procedures, and to ensure students’ campus presence as much as possible. ICS students in Grades 6 – 9 will maintain the Secondary School schedule that has been in place for Learning@Home Phase 2, but with a later morning drop-off time to facilitate safe campus access for students in the Primary School, who begin their classes earlier. For the time being, our Grade 10 and Grade 11 students continue with Learning@Home.

The Transition to Learning@Campus document sent out to ICS families last week provides information about the guiding principles for our students’ return to campus. The document includes detailed data about arrangements for learning: new Primary and Secondary School timetables, health and hygiene guidelines as well as information about additional services such as the ICS school bus, the school cafeteria, and the virtual extra-curricular activities that are available to students from now until the end of the school term. Parents have been asked to read and review this important document with their children.

ICS acknowledges the importance of delivering a learning programme adapted to today’s challenging situation. We remain committed to providing a positive and student-focused Learning@Campus and Learning@Home experience for all of our Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Diploma Programme students.

As we continue to collaborate closely with ICS families, we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for their consistent support of Learning@Home and Learning@Campus and for their dedication in maintaining the protective measures that we have implemented in order to keep our school and the ICS community safe.

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