ICS Tigers are...Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Ready to Learn

The first Primary Assembly of 2020-21 took place virtually on Monday 24 August, welcoming new and returning students and some new Primary teachers.

ICS Tigers are...Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Ready to Learn

Virtually visiting classrooms and hearing about Primary students’ holidays, seeing students and teachers excited to meet new classmates and friends, and a warm welcome from ICS student ambassadors were all part of the first Primary Assembly of the 2020-21 school year.

Primary students were reminded that ICS Tigers are “kind, respectful, responsible, safe and ready to learn”, and heard about respecting our world, themselves and others. The assembly continued with an entertaining Waka Waka Just Dance video for students to enjoy as well as greetings from the Primary Counsellor.

From the Primary Athletics department our student athletes learned that ICS Primary Sports are for girls and boys who, despite the pandemic, can still stay fit, practice and develop their skills as they prepare for 2020 autumn sports like Cross Country, Basketball and Unihockey. More information regarding ICS Primary Athletics will be published soon in the Bulletin.

Finally, a very entertaining video, described as “a thrilling new blockbuster straight from Gollywood” entitled M.A.S.K” (Meaningful Action, Showing Kindness), featured three ICS teachers demonstrating the importance of wearing a mask and was enjoyed by the entire Primary school community.


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