ICS Primary Students on Board with Learning@Home

Learning@Home has been successfully launched for all ICS students. Let’s take a look at how are things going in Primary. 

ICS Primary Students on Board with Learning@Home  For ICS Primary students, Learning@Home means completing assigned tasks with their own individualized and flexible learning schedules. From the start, our Primary students have been using their organisational and management skills to participate in Learning@Home core activities for the recommended time each day, with support from adults at home.

Last week, for example, our Grade 5 students got on board with Learning@Home by creating their own study spaces, fitted with everything they need to work efficiently. They shared some very impressive images of their study areas with teachers and classmates. 

Making use of teachers’ slide shows of daily schedules, the Grade 5 students organize their learning time. On Monday 23 March, as week two of Learning@Home got underway, our Grade 5 students were once again greeted by a Morning Message from their teachers before their Learning@Home day began, with scheduled slots for PE, Reading, Maths, German, Unit of Inquiry, Language/Writing and the Arts. 

A number of open-ended and flexible activities are also a part of Learning@Home and the Primary Library website offers students many additional resources and even has a Library Read Aloud available, if a student would like to hear a story. 

Primary students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 check their Grade Level site regularly to read emails with instructions from their teachers. In addition, families have been asked to provide ongoing and constructive feedback to students to reaffirm the positive elements of Learning@Home and to maintain the students’ sense of well-being. 

As the ICS Learning@Home experience moves forward in an “out of classroom” situation, our Primary students still communicate, collaborate and take responsibility for aspects of their learning, gaining confidence and progressing as independent and self-reflective learners.

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