ICS Primary and Secondary Libraries Respond to Students' Learning Needs

ICS libraries continue to provide learning resources and research support for Primary and Secondary students as Learning@Home continues after spring break. 

ICS Primary and Secondary Libraries Respond to Students' Learning NeedsThe resources available from the ICS Primary Library for students, teachers and parents are continually being added to the library website “Resource Symbaloos”. In addition to curating new resources to support Learning@Home, the Primary Library continues to offer weekly “lessons” which are available on the designated grade level Learning@Home websites. The lessons include stories and grade level appropriate chapter books, which have been recorded by the Primary librarian, in addition to the library lesson for the week. 

Two new links to the Beyond the Classroom and Wide-Open School websites provide a variety of projects and activities designed for families. The lunchtime Library Book Club continues every Wednesday via Google Meets and a new section, specifically for reading at home, is now also a part of the Primary Library website. 

As far as offering resources online is concerned, the ICS Secondary Library website also did not have to change significantly to be ready for Learning@Home. Electronic resources are being maintained by the librarians and include the Diploma Programme (DP) page, with its excellent suite of subscription and Open Access databases, to support our students’ online research needs. 

The Library’s Middle Year Programme (MYP) page contains subject guides with curated resources for many of the units covered for subjects with research components. Secondary librarians work with teachers to create these in response to the formative and summative assessments that are set for students. This ensures that students have access to relevant and age-appropriate online resources about the topics being studied, and the page also holds links to MYP-related databases. These resources are part of the Library’s standard offer that students and teachers are familiar with and accustomed to using. In other words, as one of our librarians correctly says, “We were “already ready” for Learning@Home!”

What is new since Learning@Home started is the active promotion of the Reading@Home page. This page features Sora, the school version of Overdrive, and other online platforms containing e-books and audiobooks. Specific to this period of Learning@Home, the Secondary library has also launched a Grade 6 and 7 Reading@Home Book Club, where interested students vote on which book, chosen from a selection on Sora that was made by the librarians, they wish to read. A virtual meeting will be taking place soon to discuss the first few chapters. In addition, a Grade 9 and 10 Reading@Home Book Club is also being planned. 

Following the spring break, our Primary and Secondary students will continue to benefit from the dedicated and reliable Learning@Home support offered by ICS librarians and the entire ICS teaching staff. In the meantime, here is a small selection of recommendations for online museum tours, theatre and music channels, virtual travel sites and family activities to enjoy:  

Louvre Museum - Paris

Tate Modern - London 

Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals on Youtube Channel 

Explore the Yosemite National Park - USA 

ESA Kids - Space related resources and activities for children

Please visit our ICS Library website for more information about the large collection of free resources available for ICS students and families.

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