ICS Grade 8 - Just Kidding - Win the 2021 Battle of the Books (BoB)

Our Grade 8 Just Kidding team worked hard to earn their ticket to the Inter-school BoB virtual final – and came out on top!

2021 Battle of the Books The Grade 8 "Just Kidding" Battle of the Books (BoB) team, who took first place in the ICS BoB semi-final on 18 March, has gone on to win this week's Inter-School virtual BoB competition against ISZL and ZIS!

BoB teams take turns choosing questions about the 8 books they have read, with a correct answer awarding them between 10 and 50 points. The Just Kidding team, made up of Grade 8 students, Julia, Sara, Natali and Theodore, reached the top score in this year's inter-school final which was hosted virtually by ISZL.  

No doubt, this year's online competition brought specific challenges with it, but the ICS team remained undaunted and adapted very well to the new format.  With a total of 620 points, Just Kidding won over the ISZL team (370 points) and ZIS (290 points) in the final,  bringing the number of times that a BoB team from ICS has taken first place in this challenging and very exciting BoB competition to an unprecedented grand total of 5 wins in a row!

Congratulations and a sincere "well done" to Julia, Sara, Natali and Theodore – our winning Just Kidding team!

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