ICS Career Fair

At the ICS Career Fair on 3 December, a myriad of area business and university professionals will share hands-on experiences with Grade 10 students in highly engaging and interactive events. 

ICS Career FairThe ninth ICS Career Fair is for Grade 10 students and once again, the event will go virtual, showcasing various universities, industries and professional options available to students upon completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 

In anticipation of students taking a closer look at future career options, the event brings together professionals from a variety of sectors: Science and Research, Engineering, Technology, Marketing, Communications, Health, Finance, Business and Management, Sports, Education, and the Arts. The vocation specialisations were established and expanded on by consulting directly with our Grade 10 students.

As in prior fairs, the panellists are to present and discuss their career paths, share valuable insights, and provide practical advice about what skills and attributes are needed, along with the role that education played in their journey.   

So that students are able to imagine possibilities for their future, they are to attend all meetings (accessed through specific links). One to three panellists will present at the discussions, and afterward a question-and-answer session will be facilitated. During the afternoon, online talks will be held in tutor rooms, featuring informational presentations on IB Diploma Programme course offerings.

Handling the organisation of the upcoming Career Fair is University and Careers Counsellor and Diploma Years Tutor, Rachel Doell, who noted, "Our goal is to offer [the students] valuable information that will expand their horizons and help them make informed choices about the next steps for their education."

For questions regarding the Career Fair, please contact rdoell@icsz.ch.

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