How Are Your Stippling, Scumbling and Cross-Hatching Skills?

Implementing a new style of teaching for keeping students safe, ICS Grade 9 Visual Arts teachers took a more traditional, skills-based approach to drawing this semester.

How Are Your Stippling, Scumbling and Cross-Hatching Skills?Visual Arts students in Grade 9 were introduced to the elements of design and the still-life studies of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, an Italian painter and printmaker known for his simple, contemplative paintings of bottles, jars, and boxes. With this knowledge, the students were able to explore and refine a range of traditional drawing techniques using a variety of media.

The initial skills-based phase of the unit had students working with pen, ink, graphite and coloured pencils to master stippling, cross-hatching, scumbling and shading techniques. Still-life drawing enabled students to work with suitable subject matter despite the current safety restrictions. They chose the elements they wanted to include in their still life compositions carefully and created drawings using their preferred techniques. 

Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots, while scumbling is somewhat less controlled and involves using a pen or pencil to make random marks to build up areas of shadow, creating interesting textures.

Hatching is an artistic technique used to create tonal or shading effects by drawing or scribbling closely spaced parallel lines. When the lines are placed at an angle to one another the technique is known as cross-hatching.

The Grade 9 students recorded the entire process, from initial technique exploration to research and negotiation of choices for a final artwork, in their Visual Arts Process Journal. The Process Journal is a resource which provides an authentic account of the learning that has enabled students to achieve the overall outstanding results in their pieces.

While the majority of the Grade 9 students were able to demonstrate accomplishment that exceeded their own expectations, some of the exceptional works on display make both art novices and seasoned art fans at ICS gaze in amazement! Grade 9 students Victoria R, Elsa S-S, Yara S and Lou Anne S selected their favourite drawing techniques to create black and white or full-colour drawings that took the students over 50 hours with pen or pencil in hand to compose and complete! The students’ impressive pieces, as well as outstanding drawings by other Grade 9 Visual Artists, are currently on display in the Main Building.

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