Grade 6 students experience "Book Tasting" in the Secondary Library

The specials on the "Bistro ICS Book Tasting Menu" in the Secondary Library included graphic novel treats that Grade 6 students sampled and enjoyed.

Grade 6 students experience

The Book Tasting menu on offer in the Secondary Library showcased 8 graphic novel "specials" that students could choose from, such as "Fantasy, served with magic and strange settings", "Mystery & Horror, served with intrigue, curses & fear", or "Comedy & Chick Lit, served with cheesy jokes, silliness, fun & heroines".

Students browsed the literary menus, recording what they thought of the "first bite" - the book's cover –, or how the "chef" – the author – hooked them after they had a "taste" of the first 3-5 pages.

With their Digital X course coming to an end, ICS Grade 6 students will be using the Digital X skills they have acquired to create digital artefacts with a graphic novel topic, working with a selection of the tools they have mastered as they complete their final project.

A digital artefact is any type of item produced and stored as digital/electronic version. Examples of digital artefacts include digital documents, presentations, video and audio files, images and photographs. Print book sales have been on the decline over the past few decades with one exception: graphic novels or comics, which have deep roots in our culture, whether it is the ever-popular newspaper strip or comics about superheroes' adventures. As a form of fiction and non-fiction storytelling, comics continue to thrive all over the world and our Grade 6 students have been studying different elements of the graphic novel. The Bistro ICS Book Tasting session in the Secondary library introduced students to their final Digital X project, providing them with an opportunity to browse through a wide selection of graphic novel genres.

Connecting to the Grade 6 students' digital artefacts project, a graphic novel workshop with visiting author Victoria Jamieson is scheduled for 28 – 29 May. Some of the topics Ms Jamieson will talk about how her own memories have inspired her comics and her workshop will also cover writing and drawing graphic novels; creating memorable characters and how to become a better writer– a variety of writing related subjects that our Grade 6 students can benefit from when composing and creating their own graphic novel stories.

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