Five Days of Additional Extra Activities for ICS Students

Next week, during the second week of the spring break, ICS students are invited to participate in a wide range of additional complimentary extra activities.

IB ReviewRanging from IB Diploma reviews to cooking or singing, to name just a few of the courses being offered, ICS students from Preschool through to the Diploma Programme have been invited to learn a new skill, explore an interest or enrich their curricular programme. 

ICS has responded to the overwhelmingly positive results of a recent parent survey taken to explore offering 5 days of extra-curricular activities during week 2 of the spring break. As part of its highly successful Learning@Home Programme, these activities will be available on weekdays from Tuesday 14 April to Monday 20 April.  This week, ICS students are invited to sign up for these additional spring break activities organized by ICS in collaboration with many of our extra-curricular external partners such as TechSpark Academy, Close Encounters Theatre and others. 

For students in EY1 through Grade 10, these virtual activities are designed to cover a wide range of our students’ interests and develop thier creative thinking, flexibility, agility and self-reflection skills. Physical activities such as yoga, dance, Zumba, and Pilates promote fitness, well-being and relaxation. In addition, various coding activities; storytelling and theatre online activities; Chinese culture and language; cooking; an introduction to piano or brass instruments and a number of art activities such as drawing, book illustration and creating with shapes are also on offer.

ICS Grade 11 and 12 students are invited to register for review courses focusing on the IB subjects of IB Physics, IB Biology and IB Math Diploma revision courses as well as a Theatre On-Line activity or Pilates.

All 5 sessions per activity are being offered exclusively to ICS students at no cost.

We would like to thank all ICS parents for their ongoing support and feedback and we look forward to welcoming our Preschool, Primary and Secondary students to these additional extra-curricular activities starting on Tuesday 14 April. If you have any questions please contact us at

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