Encouraging Shared Family Reading and Inspiring Meaningful Discussion

ICS Grade 6 parents and students have been invited to discover an exceptional, award-winning novel and participate in a shared reading experience.

The Giver by  Lois LowryThe ICS Secondary Library and our Language and Literature Department have teamed up to introduce the first ICS Grade 6 Whole Family Read initiative. In this October pilot project, all ICS Grade 6 families will read the same book together. Offering Grade 6 families an opportunity to stay connected and maintain a strong sense of community, our Secondary Library has provided resources for shared reading and discussion on the Grade 6 Whole Family Read web page.

The novel that parents and their children will be reading is The Giver by Lois Lowry. According to Publisher's Weekly, since its publication over two decades ago The Giver has been translated into more than 30 languages and has sold 11 million copies worldwide.

English language copies of The Giver have just arrived at ICS and will be distributed next week. In addition, Grade 6 parents wishing to order the book in one of 9 home languages can do so by following the instructions on the library's web page. In anticipation of the book distribution, the Secondary Library's has also initiated a pre-reading "prediction" activity for parents and students.

Although English is the language of instruction at ICS, we embrace all mother tongues and remain committed to expanding students' language skills. All ICS Students are encouraged to maintain and develop their mother tongue as an important part of their cultural identity and we recognise that mother tongue skills also help students learn additional languages such as German, the language of our host community.

The Grade 6 Whole Family Read is an exciting new collaborative project and the ICS Secondary Library team, as well as the Language and Literature Department, look forward to embarking on a reading journey that will take students and their families through the pages of a gifted author's remarkable novel. 

In the current situation, with COVID precautions being carefully maintained at ICS, students wishing to access books from the library are asked to complete an online book request form when ordering their books. Once the form is processed, librarians deliver the requested books to the student's classroom desks. Parents are invited to access the Library Family Account Form on the library website and discover the abundant services our libraries continue to offer to the ICS community.

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