Eco-Trendy – A Grade 11 Student-Led Initiative

Two ICS Grade 11 students, Marianna and Eunbi, are starting a clothes donation project to raise funds and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-Trendy – A Grade 11 Student-Led Initiative Service Learning and Community Engagement (SCLE) at ICS accentuates the importance of learning about as well as offering service. ICS students learn about organisations that provide help to others, work with them directly, and are encouraged to understand that service to others is a responsibility that the ICS community fosters. 

Eco-Trendy is based on the idea of buying and giving away second-hand clothing. Starting on Wednesday, 5 May, two ICS Grade 11 students will kick-off their project to encourage ICS teachers and our Grade 10 and 11 students to donate clothing items they no longer need. By joining the Eco-Trendy marketplace, participants can also potentially find some new clothing items they would like to own and have one week, until 12 May, to make their selections.

Apart from raising funds, what other “sustainability” goals do the student initiators hope to promote with their project?

Eunbi says “We are aiming to raise the awareness of environmental destruction as well as the ways of solving this issue, by wearing second-hand clothes. We found out that a large proportion of people already know the issues of climate change and how the issue gives a negative effect in various ways, nevertheless, there are very few people who are actually aware of taking actions that are environmentally friendly. Likewise, many people are still unsure of how to take the first step to preventing environmental destruction. Therefore, we found out that we should aim to show people how to actually take action rather than only knowing the importance of the issue, by coming up with the idea of recycling and reusing clothes.”

An entry fee of CHF 10 will cover up to 5 clothing items and all of the funds raised will be donated in full to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which promotes and spreads the ideology of a circular economy and a more sustainable way of living. All of the available clothing items will be listed, photographed and ready for shoppers to browse online. Once marketplace participants have decided on the items that interest them, they can reserve them and the items will be prepared for pickup, respecting the precautionary measures that continue to be maintained at ICS. 

Reflecting on what inspired and motivated her to start the Eco-Trendy initiative at ICS, Marianna says, “For a few years now I have gradually started to change my life to be more sustainable and eco-friendlier. I have become vegetarian… I try to buy food and other items without plastic packaging, and so on. However, the most ground-breaking change for me was starting to buy second-hand clothing.  It has a great impact on the environment, but I have found myself affected as well. Instead of feeling like I have just contributed to our planet's doom every time I had to buy a t-shirt, I felt uplifted knowing that I made a conscious decision the help it. She continues, “I think it's a great initiative; it's not more expensive than regular shopping, there is a very wide range of options and the quality of clothing is just as high. I thought that the ICS Community could love this idea, knowing its perspective on sustainability and promoting love for the environment. I hope my project will be well-received, and that it will allow me to share my idea with the community.”

With their Eco-Trendy Project, Eunbi and Marianna aim to show how people can easily take actions to help the environment in their lifestyles, by buying clothes more efficiently and donating clothes in an eco-friendly way. They look forward to an excellent response from our community and would like to thank ICS teachers and students in Grades 10-11 for participating and helping to make their initiative a success. 

For more details and additional information about Eco-Trendy, please see this week’s Bulletin.

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