Dressember in December at ICS

"A dress can't change the world, but the people wearing it can" reminds the ICS community to support the 2020 Dressember initiative against human trafficking.

Dressember in December at ICSIn 2009, Dressember founder Blythe Hill challenged herself to wear a dress a day during the month December. Her goal was to raise awareness about human trafficking, a billion-dollar industry found in every country of the world. Since then the movement has grown and Blythe's one-person challenge has blossomed into an international movement to fight human trafficking.

The money donated to Dressember is used for protection of human trafficking victims, intervention on their behalf and human trafficking prevention - primarily through education and service facilities. Last year ICS participated in Dressember for the first time. The "spontaneous action" team, led by a group of Grade 11 students, raised a respectable CHF 1,200.

This year, Dressember team member Lara K says, "we aimed to start earlier and advertise accordingly to get more people involved. We have assembled a team of 22 students in Grades 8 through 12. We want to raise CHF 3000 through our Dressember advocate's page: https://dressember2020.funraise.org/fundraiser/dressember-ics. There will also be donation boxes in the Main building, the DSC, and the Ruegg Building."

Lara continues, "What is really important about Dressember is sticking to the challenge and wearing a dress or tie every day, regardless. The dress is the symbol of the campaign and the idea is that by wearing it you represent the cause. It is able to grab people's attention and start a conversation (for example, in the form of a compliment). Starting a conversation engages people to inform others and spread the word. This is particularly important in our community because most people will not see many traces of human trafficking in Switzerland, although it does exist locally."

Another important element of the Dressember initiative is photo-taking. This is how the ICS Dressember team tracks the progress and growth of Dressember@ICS. "Each day of Dressember, we take photos of ourselves in a dress or a tie. During the week we meet at a specific place and time to take a group photo of the participants (organised by grade). We use the photos to document the campaign, advertise and provide information."

The entire Dressember student team at ICS has high hopes for the success of their 2020 campaign. The team would like to thank everyone in our community for their participation and active support of this year's initiative and they look forward to receiving donations to help them achieve their Dressember 2020 goal.

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