Coming Soon to ICS - our Nursery Programme

The new ICS Nursery Programme, starting in August 2020, will welcome children from 18 months to 3 years.

Developing young minds and enriching young children's learning, the ICS Nursery will operate throughout the calendar year, with an emphasis on nurturing the children's emotional and intellectual areas of development.

Supported by Nursery Programme teachers who take a holistic pedagogical approach to enrich the child's learning process, and in close collaboration with parents at home, our Nursery children learn to be independent, confident and caring. The Nursey Programme focuses on nurturing, integrating and respecting children and ICS encourages parent participation and community integration whenever possible. Through both child-led and teacher-structured activities in the classroom, children learn how to take care of themselves, be empathetic and think constructively

Children at the ICS Nursery level will be building the foundations for the Pre-Kindergarten curriculum through play and relationship building, and their achievements will be monitored by developmental milestones. Parents enrolling their children will be able to choose from a full calendar year option of 48 weeks from 17 August to 23 July, or a 38-week school calendar option from August through June. 

The German/English bilingual strand is offered as part of the ICS Nursery and Preschool Programme and our youngest children will be supported in their language acquisition by English and German-speaking staff throughout the day. In addition, the balance of indoor and outdoor activities with the caring and nurturing environment makes the ICS Nursery a safe and welcoming place where children can learn and grow.

We are very pleased to share our news about the opening of the ICS Nursery Programme on Monday 17 August with you. Please see here for more details.

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