Collaborating for Success: ICS Learning@Home Phase 2

ICS teachers, students and parents continue their commitment to learning as Phase 2 of our online educational Learning@Home programme moves forward.

Collaborating for Success: ICS Learning@Home Phase 2 Learning@Home at ICS has moved into Phase 2 and continues to provide all our students with an optimal learning experience resulting from a teaching approach that is learner-centred and excellently adapted to an online environment. 

The Learning@Home experience document that was shared with ICS parents through a link in last week’s Bulletin provides a detailed overview and relevant information about consistent and uniform Learning@Home practices and procedures. In addition, a series of included hyperlinks give families access to more in-depth policies and practices to ensure that the document remains up-to-date and relevant.

Learning@Home is a blended approach which provides students with learning opportunities in a virtual environment. Students work independently, developing their ability to self-direct and use new tools and strategies that they may not have implemented in face-to-face classroom learning. 

To ensure optimal learning and achievement during Learning@Home, teachers monitor student engagement through the students’ uploaded tasks and assignments and through synchronous or ‘live’ collaborative learning within a group of online learners. Through video calls, emails, and by tracking students’ learning tasks teachers also provide students with feedback on the work that has been completed. 

Learning@Home supports a daily routine which includes consistent time and space allocated for learning as well as an appropriate level of adult support, depending on the age and individual needs of each student. ICS recognises that younger students will need more support to access and use Learning@Home and tips for parents are shared through the regular channels of communication such as the ICS Weekly Bulletin and myICS.

ICS believes that our students’ learning can continue with minimal interruption when students, teachers and parents collaborate and use relevant platforms and procedures to their fullest potential. The abovementioned document can be found on the Learning@Home webpage in the password-protected section of myICS. 

As we continue to evaluate and fine-tune our pedagogical practice to fit the new delivery channel, a very important part of the Learning@Home experience remains the feedback we receive from our families. We thank ICS students and parents for the unwavering and exceptional support they have demonstrated for the Learning@Home programme.  

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