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Change for Change

Primary Spirit Day encouraged students to notice changes in others, and raised funds for students in Ethiopia.

Primary Spirit Day - Change for Change

On Friday, Primary students enjoyed another Spirit and Action Day. The Primary Student Council called the day, "Change for Change" because students were asked for two types of change. First, they were to change something about themselves for the day. And second, they were asked to bring CHF 2 in change to support their fellow students, Frehiwet and Selam in Ethiopa, to attend school.

Students chose to change themselves in both big and small ways. Some went with crazy hair styles and outlandish clothes. Others who are less extroverted chose to change for a day something about how they act socially. The day also focused on "Taking Notice", meaning that students and teachers were encouraged to notice something different about someone else. Teachers incorporated various activities into their classrooms to help students take notice of their surroundings, their communities, and their family and friends.

ICS Spirit Days go beyond the ordinary because they incorporate both learning and community engagement. In this case, the focus on taking notice promoted an important concept of wellness (being aware of oneself and others). The financial support for the Ethiopian students was one of the many ways that ICS students stay internationally minded. It helps them fulfil their responsibilities to the global community – a core value of ICS.

Well done Primary students! You have shown us how good "Change for Change" is!

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