Celebrating the Grade 5 PYP Virtual Exhibition

From 15 – 19 March our Grade 5 students will be presenting and sharing their PYP inquiries virtually on websites they have created. 

What will ICS Grade 5 students reveal to the community of Primary classes, teachers and parents, when they begin sharing the documentation of their inquiry processes during the first assembly of the PYP Exhibition Week starting on 15 March?

One thing is certain: In response to this year’s PYP Exhibition theme, the students will be demonstrating their personal understanding of the responsibilities associated with being internationally minded. In addition, the students’ self-directed learning – their virtual exhibits, their oral presentations, and the websites they have created - will aim to achieve the goal of helping to raise awareness for a better and more peaceful world.  

Grade 5 inquirers have harnessed their natural curiosity, exploring concepts and issues that have local as well as global significance. The students’ Virtual Exhibition represents the culmination of their rich learning experience in Primary, but has been adapted to adhere to the necessary protection concepts ICS continues to maintain.

Throughout their 8-week learning experience students have acquired and fine-tuned the skills that are essential for research and thinking critically. In addition to these essential skills, the Virtual Exhibition is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile that they have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP, and reflects the empathy and positive attitude towards different cultures and the environment that is characteristic for IB learners.

While documenting their inquiry processes, our Grade 5 students have become knowledgeable and developed an understanding of their chosen topics across a broad and balanced range of disciplines. They have also had opportunities to connect virtually with experts in local and global communities to refine and polish their presentations.

The whole Grade 5 team and the extended Primary team have worked to ensure that the key ingredients of the Exhibition are not lost, despite the complexities of COVID-19. The Exhibition is a true community celebration of learning and growth and next week’s Virtual Exhibition presentations will provide our Grade 5 students with an authentic audience for their research.  By working hard and making use of the digital tools available to them, the students have achieved an impressive level of polish in their presentations and their dedicated practice has taken their performances to a new level!

Next week’s presentations will include visual art, music, dance, drama, and a variety of language options such as creative writing and Ted-style talks (in English and in German). In addition to sharing their learning through the creative arts, our Grade 5 communicators have prepared individual websites to support their inquiries. A multimedia online gallery for our virtual visitors will help them explore the exciting world of concepts, ideas and issues that have local and global significance and affect us all.

The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition 2021 kick-off assembly will take place on Monday 15 March from 08:45 – 09:15, and will be followed by daily virtual sessions from 09:15 to 10:00 on Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 March. Please see this week’s Bulletin for further information on how join the presentations.

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