Celebrating Home Language Day

Each year, the UN International Mother Language Day is observed in February to promote both linguistic and cultural diversity along with multilingualism. And at ICS, we celebrated the occasion in our own way, during an educative experience known as, 'Drop Everything and Read'.

The United Nations International Mother Language Day is observed on 21 February, and while our students at that time were engaged in various activities during Ski Week, ICS held our own singular event upon students’ return in March. The occasion, known as 'Drop Everything and Read' (D.E.A.R.), saw our Primary and Secondary School students and staff set aside time to read publications in their own mother tongue. Drop Everything and Read event

At ICS, we recognise the vital role that languages play in development, by improving learning and strengthening an individual’s linguistic and cultural history and connections. With upwards of 45 different languages spoken by our student body, the focus of D.E.A.R. was to celebrate our diverse community in connection to the day and to promote reading. Notably engaging were the reading aloud sessions directed by our Primary School students, where they shared stories in their home languages.

Young children do not always feel comfortable taking centre stage and reading before an audience – even in their mother tongue and amongst their peers. Yet all seemed at ease and confident as they read from storybooks in their home language. And our qualified library professionals with their passion for literacy, were on hand to offer guidance and support during the early grades’ reading sessions. As the books were read aloud and on display, it wasn't just the colourful illustrations that captured the grade’s attention. “What does __ mean in Portuguese?” and, “How do you pronounce __ in Italian?” the classmates piped up with their multiple queries. Teachers and librarians also pose questions to develop the children’s literacy skills.

The day was recognised by our Secondary School students as well. For example, a virtual assembly and engaging activities in tutor classes took place, where the theme of the 2022 International Mother Language Day – “Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities” – was reflected on.

Prospective parents interested in discovering more about our school’s mission and the Primary Years IB Programme (PYP), for children aged 3 - 12, are welcome to attend our Open House on 31 March 2022. Hosted webinar-style, attendees will be treated to a virtual tour exploring our campus learning environments, academic and recreational facilities and more. Of special note, guests will be able to direct questions to school leadership and faculty, in one session. Please register here to reserve your spot at our virtual Open House. We look forward to meeting you.

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