Busy Preparations

Students and staff resumed a flurry of work after the break.

It has been a busy week at ICS following the weeklong sports holiday. School staff have been continuously monitoring the rapidly changing coronavirus outbreak. We are making decisions and giving advisories based on expert medical advice and in consultation with our families and other international schools in the region. There are a number of official online resources families can use to stay updated and informed, including the Swiss Office of Public Health and the World Health Organization. ICS will continue to issue updates via email and our website. We thank everyone in our community for their support. Your understanding and calm patience has been greatly appreciated as together we face this global health situation.

Students have greeted these developments calmly and remain focused on their learning. They spent the week preparing for a variety of academic events. Grade 3 has been preparing for their upcoming afternoon of story sharing with ICS families. Grade 5 students continued to work on their Exhibitions, major student-led project that synthesizes all of the study skills they have learned in Primary School.

Grade 9 students put the finishing touches on their Sustainable Design Exhibition. On Thursday, they displayed their work in developing product ideas, creating prototypes, and designing marketing materials in order to bring a product to market. ICS staff and mentors from the community gave them feedback on their presentations.

Grade 10 students continue to prepare for their Personal Project Exhibition, which will showcase a wide variety of topics and personal passions. And Grade 12 Visual Art students are getting ready for the IB Diploma Visual Art Exhibition. The evening will celebrate the student's individual inquiries, expression and persistence.

The campus also celebrated a couple of events. The first, the International Mother Language Day, resonates with our diverse school, where over 60% of students have a mother language other than English. This celebration promotes multilingualism and linguistic and cultural diversity. Part of the celebration was Drop Everything and Read event, where students read a book a book or magazine in their mother tongue as part of their regular classroom reading time.

Another celebration involved ICS winning the annual Battle of the Books competition against regional international schools. The competition involves teams answering questions about the details of eight books they had read over the past months. The Battle of the Books, like the mother language event, promotes and celebrates a love of reading. As seen by the enthusiasm with which our students embraced both, we are proud that this culture of reading is well embraced in our school.

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