"Bücher auf Achse" - The Infomobil Visits ICS

This week the "Bücher auf Achse" Infomobil brought a great selection of the latest German language books and magazines to ICS.

The Infomobil Visits ICS

The Infomobil "Bücher auf Achse" is filled with new books and magazines in German for Primary and Secondary students. This modern, well equipped and user-friendly trailer travels throughout Switzerland for over 40 weeks per year and schools can reserve the trailer for their students to visit.

Each year the Infomobil staff chooses a selection of German books and magazines to present in the trailer. For the first time, the Infomobile came to the ICS campus this week to provide reading inspiration to our Primary and Secondary German language students.

Reviewing what was on offer in the Infomobil, ICS students connected with books and magazines in German that they might like to read at home. Primary students visited the Infomobile in the afternoon to get acquainted with a variety of picture books and easy readers, while ICS Secondary students visited during their German classes, taking a good look at fiction, non-fiction, and books for teenage bookworms.

At ICS we are committed to encouraging and expanding students' language skills and awareness. German is the language of our host community and holds an important place in the ICS curriculum where it is studied by all our students up to G10. Students may also choose to study German up to G12. In 2017, 34% of our graduates earned an International Baccalaureate (IB) Bilingual diploma. The majority of these were awarded in English/German.

After this week's successful Infomobil visit to the ICS Campus, our German Department has assured us that they plan to reserve the "books on wheels" trailer again next year!

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