Badminton, a top 10 sport? We're headed to the SGIS Championships!

Who says Badminton isn't popular? Believe it or not, it is ranked within the top ten most-played sports! During these winter months, the ICS badminton participants are pumped to play together at upcoming home and away fixtures.

Badminton, a top 10 sport? We're headed to the SGIS Championships!Congrats to our badminton team for their recent tournament wins opposite TASIS. The team practices fervently, and concentrates on skill development, building team spirit and improvement through competition. And, one might say the credo for the ICS Athletics Department is CRED: Commitment; Respect; Enjoyment; Development. In other words - be a good sport, play fair and have fun.

First a bit of history. Although the beginnings of badminton the game may date to a couple of thousand years ago, the modern version was developed in mid-19th century Britain. The name badminton derives from the Duke of Beaufort's Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England.

Badminton is typically played on a rectangular-shaped indoor court, using a racket and a shuttlecock (also called a birdie) consisting of cork and synthetic materials or feathers with 16 overlapping feathers. A player scores points by hitting the shuttlecock across the net and landing it on the opposing team's half of the court. The games are usually played as either ‘singles’, with one player per side, and ‘doubles’ with two players per side. Badminton has been a Summer Olympic sport since 1992.

The sport is a terrific activity for youngsters insofar as promoting agility, strength, speed, and precision. Some team members say they are glad to be able to engage in the sport as a way to unwind from schoolwork. One remarked, "Badminton gives me a chance to push my potential when competing against other schools." And another liked the fact that "I meet new people from other schools when we play in tournaments"

In addition to the team playing 4-5 tournaments per season, they compete in ISSL and SGIS Championships. ICS Athletics Programme team members are excited to play in early March at the SGIS Cat A Championships. All are hoping that adherence to pandemic precautionary measures will allow the fixtures to take place. 

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