All Shapes and Sizes at The Wonderful Colour Art Museum

Through student engagement in the classroom and a personalised tour of the Kunsthaus Zurich, ICS Kindergarten 1 children conceptualised a display of their own artworks, highlighting in the process a stellar example of Student Directive Learning.

Kindergarten 1 Art ExhibitICS Kindergarten 1 students were provided with a personalised tour of the Kunsthaus Zurich (a museum housing Zurich's largest collection of modern art) early in the unit of inquiry, Visual Art Phase 1. While observing the artworks, they discussed the colours, shapes and materials that the artists utilised. The children were invited to pay special attention to the pieces that were of most interest to them. Many students generated original titles for the works based on the elements they observed.

Returning to the classroom, and in an example of Student Directive Learning, the youngsters took what they saw at the Kunsthaus and created their own works of art. They experimented with ways to express themselves with colour and shape. The students wrote statements that accompanied their pieces. The works, which are collages and paintings, primarily, are included in each student's art portfolio.

The project is linked to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), in which the Lines of Inquiry focus on the creative process and comprise joining in, exploring, and taking risks (Responsibility). Here, the youngsters were able to create their own stories through artwork and experiment with different collage techniques. More specifically, the PYP approach to learning allowed students to:

  • Identify the materials and processes used to create artwork 
  • Participate in individual and collaborative experiences
  • Use their experience and imagination to inspire their artwork

As their exploration continued, the youngsters were asked what the next steps would be, especially since their classroom was now filled with original art. Upon reflection, the class decided to display the works in their own museum with the title, The Wonderful Colour Art Museum. Each Kindergarten 1 student was invited to choose their favourite piece to contribute to the museum, and they reflected on the process of creating it. Held on 26 January in the ICS Atrium, the inventive projects were presented salon style on display boards and on easels. ICS Primary School pupils and faculty were invited to visit the show in person and were asked to answer a survey question, what did you find interesting?

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