About Curiosity, Engagement, Consistency and Reflection: Virtual Curriculum Information Evenings for Grades 7 – 10.

On Thursday 03 September the Secondary Virtual Curriculum Information Evenings took place for Grades 7 – 10 students and their parents.

Virtual Curriculum Information Evenings for Grades 7 – 10Parents of ICS students in Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 were invited to join the grade-specific evening on their laptops and computers and received a comprehensive curriculum overview in advance, as well as detailed instructions on how to join the virtual meetings.

Following a welcome to parents, Secondary teachers gave subject curriculum information in Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Sciences, Physical Health Education, Language Acquisition (German / French / Spanish / English as an Additional Language), Individuals and Societies, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Design.

Additional topics included in the information evening were: the aims of the individual courses; Assessment; the "Top 4 Tips for success" in a particular subject; the roles of Tutors and Middle School and High School Counselors; Well-being, and Learning Support.

Parents learned more about the Personal Development Programme (PDP), which is designed to provide students with practical strategies. The PDP helps them to make informed decisions through approaches related to social-emotional wellbeing, social interactions, being organised and coping with challenges of growing up. In addition, Grade 10 parents specifically were informed about options available to students in "Media Studies and Engineering in Motion" as well as in "Journalism and Global Futures".

Following the presentations, parents were invited to use the chat function to ask questions or to activate their microphones and participate in the "Questions & Answers" segment of the meeting. Responses to parents' questions were also shared with them through these channels.

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