A Sincere Welcome Back!

It’s Monday 19 April and the ICS campus is buzzing with renewed springtime activity as our students and teachers return.

A Sincere Welcome Back!

After the long spring break, it is wonderful to see our students and staff back on campus today, greeting each other, sharing stories about recent adventures, and reconnecting as learning resumes at ICS! 

With summer on the horizon, we are now moving into the final months of what has been a challenging, and at the same time most rewarding school year. This morning, our returning students were warmly welcomed by their teachers, once again becoming part of the enabling and engaging learning environment ICS provides at all Grade levels.

We are confident that as classes resume, our ICS community of learners, whether they are independent, confident and respectful Nursery, Kindergarten and Preschool children, or inquisitive, motivated and resilient Primary, Middle and Secondary school students, will continue to strive each day to achieve their goals and reach their potential on the road to becoming self-directed, life-long learners.

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