A Different Kind of Movember this November

The 2020 fundraising initiative, "Move for Movember" by ICS students to fund men's mental health programs is happening this month.

A Different Kind of Movember this November Over the past years, ICS has been part of a popular Movember activity with ICS teachers, and in some cases students, letting their facial hair grow throughout the month of November. They then volunteer to participate in the always popular end of month 'shave-off' event hosted by students.

Once again, this year, a team of ICS Grade 10 – 11 students have made Movember part of their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) requirement. CAS is one of the three essential elements that every student must complete as part of the Diploma Programme (DP) and involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies. Movember allows DP students to focus on the "Service" portion of CAS. Working largely independently, with support and advice from their teachers if needed, students involved in the Movember initiative are once again collaborating successfully this year to raise awareness about men's health issues.

Current COVID-19 regulations have resulted in the cancellation of the originally planned shave-off event, and have motivated ICS students to look for other ways to achieve their Movember goals. A team made up of Grade 11 students Emma L, Jacob F, Jacob L, Elif P, and Grade 10 student Matthew H, are encouraging members of the ICS community to sponsor or physically take part in their 'Move for Movember' initiative. The team are receiving support from a number of ICS Secondary teachers who are growing their facial hair, as well as from alumnus Jordan O, who led the Movember initiative at ICS in 2019. Jordan has been helping this year's team navigate the Movember website and giving them fundraising advice. 

This year, individual students or student teams are setting a goal for themselves to run, bike, walk or swim throughout the month of November. As physical fitness is an important factor in health, everyone can participate, regardless of their ability to grow facial hair! One ICS team has set an initial goal of 60 km and when last checked, had already reached the 40 km mark! 

Movember is an initiative to fund men's mental health programs and create positive attitudes towards mental health. Movember also invests in initiatives to deepen worldwide knowledge about men's health issues through research and trials and supports the implementation of ways to improve the lives of men from the time of diagnosis through treatment until recovery. By participating in Movember, ICS students aim to eliminate stereotypical forms of masculinity that lead to cycles of silence regarding men's mental health. As an early diagnosis can save lives, providing information to men on when and how to take action about their physical health is another long-standing Movember goal.

At ICS, Movember donation boxes are located at the entrance to the DSC and the Main Building. Donations may also be made through the "ICSZ team page" on the official Movember website and additional information describing ways in which our community can help in promoting the Movember initiative can be found in this week's Bulletin.

Our Movember student team is proud to be bringing such an important initiative about men's health back to ICS this year. The students are informed and aware of men's health issues and dedicated to heightening the awareness of all the adults in the ICS community. The 2020 Movember team look forward to donations to this very worthy cause and thank everyone for their support of Movember.

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