From 13 to 3 – the Battle Begins!

13 motivated and knowledgeable Battle of the Books (BoB) teams participated in the “Preliminary Elimination Round” in the Secondary library last week.

Battle of the BooksA record number of ICS students from Grades 6, 7 and 8 signed-up three months ago to represent ICS in the 2020 Battle of the Books (BoB) competition. All the team members read the 8 assigned books over a period of three months, with some students reading all 8 books multiple times!

On 6 February, the Preliminary Elimination Round, a written test to determine the three ICS teams who will move forward to participate in the ICS Semi-Final, took place over lunchtime in the Secondary library, and the results are in!

The 3 teams, “Red-E to Read” (Grade 7); “Just Kidding” (Grade 7); and “The Unnamed” (Grade 8) will compete against each other in the next “Jeopardy” style, Semi-Final quiz at ICS on 14 February. The winner of the Semi-Final will represent our school in the Inter-School Final against BoB teams from ISZL and ZIS on Wednesday 26 February at ICS.

Leading up to the first elimination round, the ICS BoB teams met every second week in the Secondary Library during the lunch break to discuss strategy, create team logos (which could be used to create team t-shirts), have book discussions and participate in quiz practice sessions. Former ICS BoB winners also visited this year’s teams in the library to share their tips & tricks.

We congratulate all 13 ICS teams who participated in the first round of the BoB, and wish the 3 winning teams the very best of luck in the upcoming Battle of the Books Semi-Final!

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