"Children and Young People are our NOW": ICS Grade 7 Model United Nations

Our Grade 7 students represented the countries of the world at the annual ICS Model United Nations Human Rights Convention.

The Model United Nations, MUN, is an activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations organisation. ICS Grade 7 student delegates at the MUN represent United Nations member countries and are also assigned to one of five United Nations Human Rights Committees: Child Brides; Child Refugees; Child Soldiers; Child Labour or Economic and Social Counsel (ECOSOC): Girl’s Education

The student delegates’ morning meetings were devoted to discussions and the drafting of resolutions for problems affecting children around the world. They also attended a presentation by guest speaker Laura Collier, a communications professional from the ECLT Foundation (Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco-Growing), an organisation committed to pursuing collaborative solutions for children and their families that combat the root causes of child labour in tobacco-growing communities.

At the General Assembly, which took place in the afternoon with an excellent turnout of interested Grade 7 parents, the formally dressed student delegates presented the clauses they had drafted during their committee meetings, defended their positions and answered questions from other delegates. The General Assembly then voted on the resolutions.

Through their participation in the day’s MUN activities, the Grade 7 students developed a deeper understanding of the problems affecting children around the world today and at the same time had an opportunity to strengthen their writing, debating and speaking skills.

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