Alles Über Mich – Everything About Me

Grade 5 students discovered a very effective way to increase their knowledge of German vocabulary: They wrote a book!

Alles Über Mich – Everything About MeOne ICS Grade 5 class wondered how they could increase their German vocabulary knowledge and decided to set themselves the goal of writing in German for 10 minutes a day. As their project moved forward and their German vocabulary developed, the Grade 5 students found an authentic purpose for their language learning by writing their own nonfiction books in German about a topic they knew well.

Many of the books the Grade 5 students produced are “autobiographical” about the students themselves, their lives and what they enjoy doing. Other books reflect the students’ interests in a particular animal or hobby. Some students even wrote their books in two languages – German and their mother tongue!

The students sent out hand-written invitations to friends and siblings inviting them to a “Buchvernissage”, or book launching, in their German class, where they shared reading their colourfully illustrated books with their guests.

Through their successful book writing project as well as peer and teacher feedback that fosters language acquisition, our Grade 5 students have learned that consistent ways of recording enable members of a language community to understand each other’s writing.

Gut gemacht! Well done!

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