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D.E.A.R 2019 - Celebrating Cultural Diversity at ICS

On Thursday ICS joined in the worldwide celebration of the UN’s International Mother Language Day.

D.E.A.R 2019 - Celebrating Cultural Diversity at ICSD.E.A.R., or “Drop Everything and Read” is a very popular, annual event at ICS and our students throughout the entire school take advantage of designated times to read a book or magazine in their Mother Language.

Supporting this year’s motto “Indigenous languages matter for development, peacebuilding and reconciliation”, students at ICS observed the day and shared in promoting awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

ICS Secondary students and staff took part in the D.E.A.R event today. Primary students are looking forward to participating tomorrow as part of their Spirit and Action days, when they will “drop everything and read” during their regular reading times.  

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