Primary Spirit and Action Day

How cosy and comfortable can you get? Our Primary students had fun dressing up for the Cosy Comfy Day.

On Friday 25 January, the Primary Student Council organized a Spirit and Action Day themed Cosy Comfy Day. Spirit days are designed to help students feel good and connect as a community. This year, the Student Council added the ‘Action’ element to the spirit days to emphasise that the students also do something good within the community. Primary students, who participated in the Spirit and Action Day, were invited to donate towards supporting two Ethiopian students to attend a school in Ethiopia.

Highlighting the ongoing work on wellness at ICS, the Primary Student Council recently presented the spirit and action theme at the Swiss Group of International Schools Student Leadership Conference in November. Now the students are introducing the Five Ways to Wellness to the Primary student body through spirit days and assemblies. The five ways are to give, to connect, to notice, to keep learning and to be active.

Our Primary students thoroughly enjoyed attending the school in comfortable and cosy clothing, even during their sports class as depicted in this picture.

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