Meeting, Greeting and Informing – ICS Student Ambassadors

New students who started at ICS yesterday morning were welcomed to our school by a cheerful group of ICS Student Ambassadors.

When ICS welcomed new parents and students to the first day of classes yesterday, our Primary and Secondary Student Ambassadors were on hand at the Family Orientation to meet, greet and answer any questions our new arrivals might have.

New Primary parents and students started the morning by assembling in the Primary Atrium. Led by Primary student ambassadors, parents then accompanied their children to their new classrooms to meet the teachers. The new students remained with their classes and started a regular school day while their parents returned to the Atrium to take part in a presentation given by the Primary Leadership Team, followed by a Parents’ Association Coffee.

In Secondary, parents and students assembled in the Secondary Library where students were welcomed by Secondary Student Ambassadors and learned about tutors, classroom schedules, planners and IT information.  Following the presentation to parents by the Secondary Leadership Team, Secondary parents also joined the Parents’ Association Coffee in the Primary Atrium while students remained in their classes to continue a regular school day.

As part of the ICS Culture of Care, our Student Ambassadors are actively involved in offering new students a warm welcome and helping them get accustomed to their new school surroundings. Student Ambassadors provide new classmates with support and are always ready and willing to help make new students feel at home at ICS.

We sincerely welcome all our new families to the ICS Community and look forward to the learning that we will share as 2019 gets underway. A big “thank you” also goes out to our Primary and Secondary Student Ambassadors for their help in greeting new parents and students at yesterday’s Family Orientation.

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